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"HR in action" is a new project of the Bulgarian Association for People Management that address one of the most significant problems of the society - the interaction betwenn business and education.

"HR in action" is a competition for university students from different specialities associated with HR management. This a competition of theory against practice in which the knowledge acquired during the education process needs to be applied in the real challenges of the HR function.

How is this going to happen?

The students will face practical HR cases provided by HR professionals from the participating companies - BAPM members. The cases will challenge the students not only to use all their knowledge, but also to unfold their creativity and to demonstrate their analytical thinking and teamwork abilities.

The best students will be awarded with an internship in the HR department of the company which case they have solved. The participating companies will have the opportunity to work with young, creative, and full of innovative ideas people!

We are happy to say "Welcome" to the adventure "HR in action" 2014!

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